You will be met by your private guide at port. Drive to House of Virgin Mary by your new brand of Mercedes private van. House of Virgin Mary is one of the pilgrimage centres of Christians where Virgin Mary passed her recently time and died. Pope Paul VI visited the shrine in 1967, and 'unofficially' confirmed its authenticity. Pope John Paul II also visited the shrine in 1979. Pope Benedict XVI visited this shrine in 2006. While their visiting, they gave some gifts for this shrine what you can see. After House of Virgin Mary, we will visit Ephesus Ancient City that is one of the best well-kept Greco- Roman ancient cities in the world, famous with Odeon where the music concerts were given; Domitian Temple which is one of the first temples dedicated for a human; Celcius Library which was the third biggest library in the ancient time; Amphitheatre where is one of the biggest amphitheatres in the world with 24.000 people capacity and St. Paul preached; Roman Baths ; Fountains; Temples; Agora; Love House; Public Toilets; Terrace Houses which were the houses for rich people in Ephesus during Roman age famed with mosaics and frescos. After Ephesus, we visit Temple of Artemis which is one of the seven wonders of ancient world. Your guide will tell you everything about Saint John Basilica where John the Apostle spent his final years and he was burried. Expression of Saint John Basilica will be done from Temple of Artemis since they are located next to each other. If you want to get into the ruins of basilica, you can ask to your tour guide and visit the basilica.


Those prices are daily in total for parties, not per person.
Including Professional Licensed Tour Guide, transportation A/C, all transportation costs as private driver, insurances, parking fees and gas.

Minimum Required time for this tour is 5.5 hours.

Terrace Houses are optional and not recommended for disable people because of the steps. Minimum required time for Terrace Houses is 30 minutes.

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For parties of 2

150 EURO

For parties of 3

200 EURO

For parties of 4

250 EURO

For parties of 5 to 6

290 EURO

For parties of 7 to 8

320 EURO

For parties of 9 to 10

340 EURO

For parties of 11 to 14

360 EURO

For parties over 14 guests please contact us

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We would like to inform you before visiting Ephesus that we stay in Ephesus ruins about 1h30 minutes and walk 1.5 km. That’s why, we highly recommend you;

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